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Finding the Best Wedding Caterer for Your Big Day

A reliable caterer for your wedding makes things easy for you to please the impeccable tastes of your guests. In some cultures, the food served at the wedding reception is one of the hottest topics guests cannot forget after the wedding celebration—the food you serve your guests matters a lot.

There are incidents where the food might taste delicious, but the serving portions do not meet your guests' hunger pangs. Therefore, you have to hire a caterer who not only serve good food but makes your guest satisfied.

This article will guide you in choosing the best caterer for your wedding.

What is the Role of a Wedding Caterer?

A caterer's role is not just about the food; they play a lot of functions for your wedding reception. They have a pivotal role like wedding photographers. If you opt to celebrate your wedding somewhere else, you need a caterer to handle the food services. Their roles have become more complex than serving your guests' yummy dishes. Here are some parts a wedding caterer does.

Cooking & Serving Food

Planning and serving delicious food is the primary role of a wedding caterer. They take charge of the food planning and preparation by collaborating with your wedding suppliers, kitchen staff, and the venue manager. They are responsible for the health of your guests by ensuring they serve fresh foods.

Coordinates the Technical Aspects

Wedding caterers should coordinate with the technical and operational aspects of the wedding celebration. They ensure that the food and cake they serve are according to the desired temperature. Other concerns include when to pour the champagne, so it remains cold and refreshing during serving.

Takes Care of Wedding Guests

A wedding caterer accommodates your guests to give them the best dining experience they will love to remember. The caterer ensures that they offer your guests extra services in case the guest has a restricted diet. They have something to offer to satisfy your guests' needs.

They Act as Your Problem Solver

Choose a wedding caterer who has a friendly and accommodating staff who knows how to troubleshoot when a problem arises at the reception. The caterer knows how to budget the food costs based on your budget plan without compromising the quality of the food.

Tips on Finding the Best Wedding Caterer

1. Make an Early Inquiry

As soon as you have planned out your budget for the food, start making inquiries about the wedding caterers in your place. After comparing with other caterers, book as early as six months before the wedding date.

2. Know the Cost per Head

The basis of price costing for the food is by heads. Your chosen caterer can determine the cost per head depending on the dish you have selected. The price depends on the dish selections and the number of guests you are inviting to the wedding.

Finalize your guests' lists, including children and their nannies, so that everyone can eat during your wedding.

3. Inquire about Special Diets

Health issues affect children and adults, and inviting guests with dietary restrictions should be on top of your concerns when choosing a food caterer. Ask your caterer if they offer nutritional options for people with diabetes and food allergies.

Also, consider food restrictions for other religious group members. Ask the caterer if they can serve non-pork dishes for your Muslim and Seventh-day Adventist guests.

4. Inquire about Beverage Costs

Apart from food, your caterer is responsible for serving your guests liquor, cocktails, and beverages. Ask about the price of the different types of drinks. You may request other alcohol options like a cash bar, full-service bar, wine only, or beer.

You can customize the bar service to give unlimited choices to your guests while partying till the wee hours.

5. Ask about the Costs for Linens & Dinner Ware

Although most caterers have added services such as chair covers, table cloth, linen, chinaware, flatware, silverware, or dinnerware, it pays to know how much they cost. The caterer will handle these things so that you can have peace of mind.

6. Inquire about their Serving Styles

Inquire about the serving styles your caterer offers, such as food stations, buffet style, full-service meal, or sit-down style. Ask the cost per head for the serving style you have chosen.

7. Ask for Recommendations

Many food caterers have established relationships with the best wedding photographer and videographers in California and entertainers. Ask your caterer where to find a musician, jazz band, and DJ and how much is their talent fee for your wedding party, including extra hours.

8. Make a Comparison

Before hiring your wedding caterer, you must read customer reviews and feedback online. You can also ask the caterer for some references from their previous clients and check out their work.

9. Set an Appointment

A personal visit to your wedding caterer is essential to find out and taste their dishes. Try politely asking the caterer if you can take a look at their kitchen and facilities.

Ask anything that you want to know from them, such as policies, menu dishes, costs per head, serving style, and some recommendations. Here are some questions to ask the caterer:

· Do you have a license to operate?

A license to operate a food catering business ensures that the caterer follows hygiene and sanitation guidelines when preparing the food.

· Can I read your menu list?

Aside from reading their sample menu online, you have to ask the caterer if they could provide you with a copy of the dish for their previous clients. Explain to the caterer that you need the menu to serve for your wedding.

· Do you have a special menu for diet restrictions?

Your guests have different health and religious concerns that you have to consider when choosing a food caterer. Making them feel satisfied at your wedding is essential by serving them Halal food on a diabetic or vegan, or Ketogenic menu.

· How much will I spend on the food and services?

Ask your caterer to provide a price list for the food, services, and extras to give you an idea of how much to spend on the catering service.

· When can I have a food tasting?

Food tasting is a requirement before finalizing your decision to hire a caterer. You and your significant other must taste each dish and ensure you have not taken anything in your mouth that cannot affect your taste. Take a photo by a professional wedding photographer of the menu for record purposes.

There are many questions that you must ask your wedding caterer. Aside from the list above, you can request additional questions, such as:

  • Requirements and payment schedule

  • How many members of their catering staff are attending the wedding

  • Contact information

  • Recommendation for wedding cake baker or do they make the cake for you?

  • Do they have a kid's menu?

  • Can we bring home the leftover food?

  • Is it okay to tip your staff?

Your wedding is a special day that needs a professional wedding caterer to prepare and serve your guests healthy, clean, and delicious food. By following the tips above, there is no doubt that you will find a reliable caterer who is not only concerned about the food taste but they are a problem solver too.

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