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Why countryside is a Good Venue for Your Wedding

There is no place you feel comfortable to wed that offers a refreshing and friendly atmosphere for your guests than the countryside.

A countryside wedding offers a customized experience to couples who want to extend their hours at the venue without rushing through the ceremony and proceedings. They can call the wedding venue their home for several days if they wish.

There are many venues in the countryside to choose from, such as wine valleys, large estates, barnyards, farm retreats, homesteads, and farmsteads. The wedding vendors can do what the couple wants to transform an outdoor venue into an elegant setting. The breathtaking views in the countryside are perfect for photo shots by a wedding photographer.

Couples who look for a relaxing place to tie the knot should look no further except to choose a location beyond the city life.

Here are the advantages of having a wedding in the countryside.

1. Perfect Location

Nothing can beat the countryside when it comes to locations for your wedding. You will never run out of ideas where to wed in rural areas that are private, secluded, and exclusive. You don’t have to share the wedding venue with another couple if you get married in the countryside.

Couples who wed in a city like a hotel or resort have limited use of the place per day because another couple will use it. Your wedding vendors have to pack up earlier while guests have limited hours to party.

2. Fresh Produce

Offering your guests with farm to a table dining experience is unequaled if you marry in the countryside. Locally grown veggies, meats, seafood, and fruits are cheaper than buying them in a supermarket. It makes the catering services and cost per head affordable.

Your countryside wedding will also highlight the regional food and specialties new to your guests’ palate. Since the cost of farm-to-table food is inexpensive, you can serve a lot of menus to your guests, which you cannot do if you marry in the city.

3. Extended Vacation

Choosing to wed in the countryside offers many vacation opportunities for the newlyweds and guests. It serves as a getaway and bonds together for several days before and after the wedding.

Countryside weddings are similar to destination weddings, where everyone can use this occasion to visit tourist sites and discover the local food and culture. The wedding is away from home where everyone can mingle, hobnob and socialize together-without, rushing to go home due to limited time.

You will have all the time in the world to celebrate the wedding, enjoy local cuisine, explore the place, and take photo shots by a professional photographer in California.

4. Numerous Locations

A wedding in the countryside gives you lots of locations for the ceremony, reception, and after-party events. The property owner allows couples to choose location options.

You can wed under tree canopies on top of rolling hills, vineyards, or open fields. You can do what you want to match the landscape with your wedding theme with lots of location options.

It is easy to set up the floral arrangement and styling in a countryside wedding because the area is expansive, unlike a reception hall in a hotel, which cannot accommodate a huge crowd.

Your guests can enjoy dancing, singing, and drinking because noise restrictions are not a problem. The place is away from residential houses, so everyone can enjoy partying with live bands.

5. Stunning Sceneries for Photo Ops

Newlyweds and guests will have lots of photos at a countryside wedding. The place offers fantastic backdrops for your wedding portraits and photo sessions with relatives and friends.

The wedding photographer will find it easy to take the photos and curate the best photo shots for your wedding album.

Couples should take their professional wedding photographer for a site visit days before the wedding to show how the wedding and reception venues would turn out as beautiful artwork as captured in their cameras.

You can also use this occasion to pose for your prenuptial photos and bridal portraits.

6. Pet & Kid-Friendly

The advantage of having a wedding in the countryside is that guests can tag their minor children (babies and toddlers) and fur babies. The outdoor place is large enough to allow your dog to run around the manicured lawn.

Some wedding venues in the countryside have entertainment options for kids like playgrounds, activities, and games.

7. Social Relevance

Some couples want to spend their wedding in the countryside to support local artisans and businesses as part of their advocacy. Although this might be far out from the real purpose of a countryside wedding, couples take this opportunity to leave a positive impact on the local tourism and economy.

8. Get Connected with History

The unique benefit of a countryside wedding is that it connects the couple and their guests to the history and culture of the place. Posing in front of a century-old tree or a gothic chapel connects you with the local history.

Traditional wedding beliefs like “something old” fulfills this particular moment.

9. Parking Space is Not a Problem

One of the benefits of marrying in the countryside is you don’t look for a place to park your car compared to a city wedding. Traffic is not even an issue in rural areas. You can park anywhere in the countryside without the fear of losing your car.

10. Experience Countryside Hospitality

There is a big difference when you wed in the countryside. The laidback character and old charm of rural life make hospitality personalized and customized.

Everyone is welcome, even dogs, cats, and months-old babies, at your wedding. Freedom of movement and enough space to while away delivers a therapeutic experience even for a few days in your country wedding.

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