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Unique Engagement Announcements Ideas You will Love

After your boyfriend’s proposal, you want to share this important milestone in your life with friends and loved ones. Your next plan is to share your engagement through social media channels or email or make a formal announcement through a dinner party. Whichever way you want to share the good news, you must get some ideas on making unique engagement announcements. We hope you will find our thoughts helpful, keep reading.

Spell Out Your Engagement

A photo of your engagement by a professional wedding photographer in California with scrabble letters telling your wedding engagement speaks a thousand words.

Spell out the words “I am engaged” or “We are getting married” with the ring on your finger. Share the photo on Facebook or Instagram, and expect lots of heart emojis from people close to your heart.

Chalk Drawings

Feature your engagement through sidewalk or street murals. Spell out your engagement proposal using sidewalk chalk or spray paint. Couples with artistic inclinations can express excitement through mural paintings and chalk drawings.

Wear Customized Shirts

Simple words like engaged, fiancé, or “We are getting married” is enough words to announce your engagement. Broadcast your engagement proposal by wearing customized shirts with letters that you are engaged. Sporty couples may wear jerseys while posing at a gym or stadium.

Make it Simple

If you dislike the idea of an extravagant wedding engagement, you can do it in the comfort of your home. Position your camera to capture the proposal on the verandah or patio while sipping a cup of coffee.

Explore the Outdoors

Another way to make your engagement announcement is to spend your day outdoors. There are many places to announce your engagement, such as a beach, top of a hill, corn field, museum, or ruins of an old building. Strike a pose with the ring on your finger in front of a temple or church.

Video Clip

A wedding engagement announcement video is a perfect way to share the good news with your relatives and friends. Upload the video on streaming sites, Instagram or Facebook. Please send the link to your video through messaging app so that they can view the entire proposal story and the wedding plans.

Incorporate Balloons

The easiest way to make the big announcement is to use balloons. Spell out the words you are engaged in or the wedding date. Feature the balloons as a backdrop for your zoom meeting with relatives or friends. 

Send a Gift

A gift with a card about your engagement is a fun way to show appreciation to the important people in your life. It could be a fancy watch, clock, hourglass, or journal that reminds the date of your engagement.

Have Fun Poses

Couples who love fun can announce their engagement by having fun and wacky poses. Show your happiness by laughing aloud while the photographer takes a snapshot of your fun poses. You can have the photo taken at home, in the library, in your car, or along the railroad.

Show the Ring

The engagement ring on your finger speaks a thousand words. Your social media network catches the idea that you are marrying soon. If you are camera shy, why not take a close-up photo of your ring in an artistic way?

Include Your Pet

Let your fur baby participate in your wedding engagement announcement.

Hang the engagement ring on the neck or dress of your cat or dog. You may place the engagement ring on your pet’s nose. It works best if your fur baby is well-behaved.

Reward your pet with treats after the best wedding photographer in California took a snapshot. There are endless ideas on how to take a photo of your pet with your engagement ring.


If you don’t have a talent for drawing, you may hire an artist to draw your faces. Couples who share the same flare for art may share their engagement announcement through caricature drawing. Your news feed will surely flood with heart emojis.

Posing at a Landmark

If you live in California, you can choose many landmarks to take photos of your engagement announcement. You can pose in front of the Hollywood Sign, Getty Museum, Sta. Monica Pier, Runyon Canyon, Hearst Castle, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and many more.

Photos of places that bring back fond memories of your relationship add a story to your wedding album.

Pop a Bottle of Champagne

Make your announcement through a photo with the two of you bursting a bottle of champagne. Allow the cork to fly and make the big announcement in front of them.

Your photographer should take the details of how the champagne burst from the bottle. You can have this photo shoot during a gathering with friends or family.

Reveal through a Collage

A collage of your photos as a couple is a romantic way of sharing your engagement announcement. Browse your images, select memorable events, and place them on a fun card. There are photo apps on Facebook that you can use for this purpose.

Classic & Elegant Look

Ask the professional wedding photographer in California to take a photo of your engagement announcement while wearing elegant attire. Wear clothes that are appropriate for this type of look. Your fiancé may wear a tuxedo or suit while you can wear a gown or formal clothing.

Rugged Look

Couples who feel comfortable in jeans or denim may wear them during their announcement. Match your jeans with sneakers and a cap. Walk across the park while holding hands together; pretty sure your Instagram friends will react when they see the ring on your pinky.

Focus the Ring

Announce your engagement by holding a coffee mug, a guitar, or an umbrella while your future hubby tries inserting the ring on your finger. There is no need to explain to your friends when they see the ring on your pinky.

Host a Dinner

Invite your friends and loved ones for dinner at home. Surprise them about your wedding engagement by providing some hints. You can customize cocktail napkins or table runners with an embossed print that says “We are engaged,” etc. 

There are many ways to reveal your wedding engagement to your loved ones. You can think of many ideas for the big announcement. We hope the clever ideas we share above give you inspiration on how to share your engagement story.

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