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The Importance of Wedding Fairs & Bridal Shows to Couples

Both wedding fairs and bridal shows play an important role in making your wedding successful. This is the right place to get some information on how to turn your wedding a most memorable occasion in your life. Marrying couples should find time to attend this event to get some insights regarding the latest trends and ideas that they can incorporate in their wedding plan. This is also the best time to meet and greet famous fashion designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, event coordinators, vendors, suppliers, wedding videographers, and photographers in California.

Things to Do and Learn at the Wedding Fairs & Bridal Shows

1. Getting to Know the Stakeholders

Whether your wedding is an intimate one, you need help from wedding specialists in running a successful wedding event. This big event seldom happens, so grab the chance to meet and greet wedding coordinators, organizers, planners and vendors who can give answers to your concerns.

2. Get some Information from the Event

At the bridal exhibit, couples will be able to get a lot of insights, information, tips, and ideas that they can use to make their wedding day special. Your attendance means a lot as you will have free consultation and free demos from the wedding stakeholders. You can ask a lot of questions to the specialists without hesitations as they are ready to lend their ears.

3. Keep a Record

When attending the bridal exhibits, attendees should write down and record the insights and information they get from the wedding specialists. Get ready with your phone to take a video and photos of the different wedding packages and offers that the stakeholders are offering for you to study at home. You and your fiancé should create an account where you can input all the transactions and information to prevent lapses as the wedding day is approaching.

4. Register Online

It is an advisable that the marrying couple should register and purchase a ticket online before attending the bridal show. The bridal show organizers will have an idea how many couples are attending the said event for seat reservation, door prizes, food samples, freebies, magazines, vouchers, and swag bags.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes & Footwear

Wedding fairs usually could last for several hours. It is expected that you will be overwhelmed at the exhibits. It is not only your eyes that will get tired of watching the presentation, but so with your legs. It is not advisable to use your chic stilettos or pumps in the event. Instead, wear comfortable flat shoes and casual wear to prevent cramping your legs and sweating out as you hop from one wedding booth to another.

6. Leave Your Home Feeling Satiated

If you can’t stay full eating those sweet treats, food samples, and finger foods at the bridal fair, it is a must that you fill your stomach before going to the venue. Once your stomach is full, it is guaranteed that you will totally enjoy the event and save up money. Food stalls around are a bit pricey at this time.

7. Tag along Your Groom

Grooms-to-be should not feel intimated during the bridal fair. Their attendance, though not compulsory, can help a lot to make their wedding day a successful event. Grooms who mostly take charge of the wedding budget will learn the prices of various wedding services like florists, legalities, invitation cards, wedding ensemble, videographer, photographer, and honeymoon destination.

8. Keeping an Open Mind

You can incorporate your ideas with what you get from the wedding fair. The wedding trends and tips can lessen your stress. Leave all your worries to the wedding specialists like the wedding photographer in California, for example. Always welcome their ideas, as they are expert in handling every aspect of your wedding event.

9. Learn the Value of Wedding Labels

Having wedding labels can lessen tension as the wedding day is in the works. These labels should be on hand as you and your groom attend the bridal fair. Written on the wedding labels are you and your groom’s names, date of wedding, venue, phone number, home address, and email address.

10. A Rare Chance to Meet Celebrities

Aside from meeting with the stakeholders for the wedding event, attendees get the chance to meet their favorite celebrities who will grace the bridal show. Get ready with your camera to have a photo session with these personalities. Although, this may not be an important tip for your wedding, this adds perk to the wedding fair.

11. Taking Part of the Entries

One of the highlights of wedding fairs and bridal shows is giving away of door prizes. This is your chance of winning door prizes and freebies by signing up and dropping the entries. Your prize can help stretch your wedding costs as some prizes would include wedding discounts, extra services, honeymoon packages, free makeup, etc.

12. Making a Follow Up

Ask the wedding specialist or the wedding videographer in California their business card. This is to ensure that you know how to contact them if you have decided to get their services for your wedding. It is you who will make the follow up as these specialists are busy people, so that every minute detail will be attended properly.

Bridal fairs are a rare occasion, where you can get free ideas and consultation making every aspect of your wedding day 100 percent successful. Listening to the exhibitors and sharing your thoughts about your coming wedding lessens your worries of your upcoming event.

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