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Ten Helpful Tips on Hosting a Successful Bridal Shower

Throwing a bridal shower for your sister or best friend can be tedious, especially if it is your first time to host a party. This occasion would be their last hurrah to enjoy their single blessedness. The bridal shower is fun and memorable way to celebrate a joyous occasion for the bride-to-be. The occasion is a pre-wedding event that should leave a lasting memory. Remembering this momentous event should be properly documented in photos from a professional wedding photographer in California. As a host, you take charge of the theme, party favors, food, props, and costume for the bride-to-be.

Keep reading to learn helpful tips on how to prepare and host a bridal shower.

Tips in Planning the Bridal Shower

1. Consider the Budget

This is the first thing to consider when planning a bridal shower even if the party is simple and intimate. Make a list of the things that will be covered in the expenses, so that you will know how much you will spend for the entire event. Things to be included in the list are food caterer, supplier, designer, venue, props, etc. As a host, you will take charge of the expenses to give tribute to the bride. After canvassing the price, it is time to decide the amount that you can afford to spend.

2. Schedule the Date

Planning the date of the bridal shower should take place five to six months before the wedding date. After the wedding engagement, the host should ask the couple the date of their wedding. If it is a long engagement, you have more time to prepare for the bridal shower. The best time to throw the party should be two months before the altar date. The finalization of the bridal shower date should have the approval of the bride.

3. Make a Guest List

The budgeting of the party also depends on the number of guests that will be invited to the bridal shower. Since it is the bride’s affair, it is she who will decide who to invite. Your duty as a host is to track the guests’ contact information to know if they are attending the party. A typical number of bridal shower attendees are usually from 25 to 50 guests. Those who are invited to the party should also be included in the guest lists for the wedding day, including their kids and their nannies. As a host, be prepared if the bride would invite more people to the bridal shower.

4. Choose the Venue

After making the guest count, it is time to search for the best venue for the bridal shower. There are many location suggestions to choose from. It could be at a beach resort, a restaurant, a hotel room, a banquet room, or any place that catches the bride’s fancy. The most important thing to consider when choosing the venue is it should have a parking space. The place should be safe for the kids and guests.

5. Hiring a Photographer

Always include the services of a wedding photographer in planning for the bridal shower. Since there are many wedding events happening in your location, it is important that you talk to the professional photographer in California the earliest possible. Arrange a meet up with the photographer to know the price for the video and photo package.

6. Picking the Theme

The host may decide the theme for the bridal shower at this time. This is the right time to share your personal taste and creativity. After choosing the venue and counting the number of guests, it is time to choose the theme of the party. There are numerous themes that you can think of. Some suggestions include rustic, Hawaiian, Boho, Idyllic, and Cowboy. Everything you present in the bridal shower depends on the theme like food, floral arrangement, souvenirs, costumes, and music. Everything should be in harmony with one another, as they say.

7. Sending Out the Invitation

After finalizing the guest list, send the invitation as early as possible. If the bridal shower takes place two months later, then you have to mail or send the invites weeks earlier. The guests will have time to reschedule their commitments, prepare their attire, and buy gifts.

8. Work on the Menu

Planning the menu ahead should be the next step in preparing the bridal party. The menu should also in harmony with the wedding theme, but include some favorite dishes of the bride. Choose a caterer that can provide delicious menu that fits your budget. You can also suggest to some guests if they could bring their homemade dishes. Make sure these guests are close to you.

9. Shopping for the Decors

The decors are important components in a bridal shower. There are many bridal shower decors available in online shopping sites. The decors can be customized depending on the party theme.

10. Entertainment & Games

What happens to a party without games and entertainment? It looks boring right? Try searching bridal shower games like Bridal Bingo, Trivia Games, Bride & Groom Photo Challenge, Married or Not Married, and many more. A macho dancer can bring excitement to the party too.

Planning a bridal shower party is as important as preparing for the wedding. This is the last time that the bride will have fun and memorable moments with her close friends and loved ones. To mark this special day is to make it more memorable by hiring a professional photographer in California. Book an appointment with your photographer now.

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