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Six reasons why to do bridal portraits

Every bride-to-be dreams of marching down the aisle with the man of her dreams. One of the highlights of the upcoming wedding is to schedule a bridal portrait. But what is it all about? Are bridal portraits necessary? Its inclusion in the wedding preparation is crucial as it serves as a dry-run for the altar date. It reduces anxiety regarding the dress that you will be wearing on your wedding.

Some cultures do not allow the bride to don their wedding gowns because it is a bad omen that the wedding will not happen. A photo shoot in your bridal gown ensures that your dress fits perfectly. Minor repairs can be fixed earlier, so that no glitches may happen during the big day.

Importance of Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits are important part of the wedding preparation where the bride showcases her dress, hairstyle and makeup for a pictorial by a wedding photographer in California.

The photo shoot takes place in a location chosen by the bride. During this day, the bride looks gorgeous with her looks. It is up to the bride if she wants to give her bridal portraits to her loved ones or have them adorned at the wedding reception.

Bridal portraits are taken a few months or weeks before the wedding takes place. It is not a good idea to have a bridal portrait pictorial taken on the day of the wedding. During this day, the photographer will be busy taking the highlights and sidelights of the celebration.

By having bridal portraits in advance, there is an assurance that nothing will be missed out during the wedding day. The bride is confident that she has her solo portraits already done, while having couple photo shoots on the day of her wedding.

Tips to Ponder for Taking the Bridal Portraits

A bridal portrait pictorial has the same intensity with your engagement and wedding day pictorials. You have to stand out as the most beautiful woman during this day! To come up with perfect bridal portraits, take a sneak peek at the tips below:

1. Feel Comfortable

Posing in front of the camera should not make you fidgety. It is your time to shine at this time, so feel comfortable. Don’t be bothered at how you will look like. The wedding photographer in California knows best on how you will look good in every angle.

2. Simplicity

Less is more as the saying says. Keep your hairstyle and makeup simple. The makeup should fit for this occasion. Before the bridal portraits, let the professionals do the makeup trials to know how you will look in your bridal photos.

3. Act Naturally

Nothing can compare your looks if you act naturally on your bridal pictorial. Show your charm by smiling naturally. Put aside your negative emotions if there is, so that you don’t look fierce in your photo.

4. Coordinate with Your Seamstress

Before setting up your bridal portrait pictorial, you should coordinate with your designer or seamstress for alterations or minor repairs. Tell your seamstress weeks before the pictorial to resolve issues like appliques, zippers, buttons, hemlines or bodice. Everything that needs repairs should be finished ahead of time.

5. Preparing the Location

The location where the portrait date takes place should be ready. Choose a location that is not frequently visited to avoid distractions. The best place to take a bridal portrait session is a beach or mountain resort, or a friend’s vacation house. Assign someone to take charge of the decorations and props that will be needed for this day. Everything should be ready a day before the pictorial happens.

6. Get Help

Since there are a lot of things that should be taken care of during the pictorial, you have to bring your sister or mother, or maid of honor to assist you during this day. These people will handle some menial tasks like wiping your perspiration, fixing your hair, or retouching your makeup.

What is the Best Time to Have Bridal Portraits?

There is no general rule as to the best time to take bridal portraits. It all depends on the bride’s availability. The wedding photographer in California can take photos during the day or during the evening.

The setting is also a factor in deciding the schedule. If the bride wants bright color for the setting, the photos should be taken before twilight. If she wants a morning schedule, then the lighting should be light and soft. The pictorial is normally scheduled a month to two months prior to the wedding day.

Preparing for the bride’s wedding dress, shoes, accessories, and paraphernalia is spent during this period. Makeup and hairstyle trials should begin at this time too before the bridal portrait pictorial is finalized.

Conflict of the schedule can be avoided if you book your appointment with a wedding photographer ahead of time.

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