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Planning a Wedding in Six Months? Seven Things to do right now!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Are you excited about your upcoming wedding? Have you already planned the details of your wedding? Long engagements could take 12 months or more than a year of preparation. If you prefer to get married in six months, it pays to know how to plan your wedding in this short period.

Six months is too short to plan a grand wedding because it involves a lot of preparation. Whether big or intimate, a marriage needs long months of preparation to prevent lapses.

This blog post will tell you how to prepare for your wedding in six months.

Prepping in Six Months

Six months before your wedding could be tedious. The clock ticks so fast, and it’s already your wedding day for all you know. Delegating the workload to your family members, relatives, or friends is the foremost thing to lessen your stress.

Here is what you are going to do:

· Make a checklist

A checklist is a must if you begin prepping for your wedding day. Write everything you want to include in your budget and the stakeholders involved in your wedding day, including the best wedding photographer in California. With a list on hand, you can start moving, and the task is easier to do.

Start with the basics. Dealing with a short wedding timeline can be stressful if you do not know how to get started.

· Figuring out the wedding date

The essential thing that you should prioritize is the date of your wedding. Some cultures follow the phase of the moon when setting their wedding date. If you marry someone with a different religious or cultural background, you have to consult with them to avoid bickering that can only ruin your wedding day.

· Figure out your budget

A wedding celebration will not push through without a budget. Sit down with your fiancé and discuss the budget. Get a notepad and write down the details of the wedding budget, such as church, florists, coordinator, bridal car, gowns, entourage, venue, menu, and your wedding photographer in California.

· Figure out the guest list

Your budget for food depends on the number of your guests. List down the people you will invite for the wedding from your side and the side of your fiancé. The list should also include the parents and nannies of your flower girls and ring bearer.

· Look for a wedding planner

After listing down the budget, guest list, and wedding date, it is time to look for a wedding planner. A wedding planner runs the production of your wedding to stage a successful wedding affair.

Your planner has connections with stakeholders, vendors, and suppliers. You do not have to worry about the entire preparation if you hire a renowned wedding planner in your area.

· Find a caterer & wedding venue

Many listings are online, but it pays to be cautious when booking your venue and caterer. Ask for recommendations from friends or relatives on where to look for a caterer and wedding venue.

Before you book, find a place accessible to everyone with a parking space. If you choose a wedding destination, check for hotels or villas near the wedding location to accommodate your guests.

· Setting up a wedding registry

A wedding registry guides guests in buying gifts for the couple. It lessens the hassle of finding the right wedding gifts and avoids purchasing the same items. Set an appointment with a local department store and register with your fiancé in person or online.

· Choose a Wedding Party

Talk to your best friend or close relative when they would throw a bachelorette or a stag party. The schedule might be too tight for you. Ask their help if you need their assistance because you have a lot of things to prepare during the six months.

· Figure out other vendors

There are many vendors that you have to book earlier. The vendors include your florist, photographer, videographer, choir, minister or priest, DJ, jazz band, musicians, wedding singers, cake baker, etc.

Many couples will also marry during your wedding day. You must book with the vendors and pay a deposit to secure your wedding.

· Shopping for the wedding attire

Book an appointment with a designer, tailor, or seamstress to sew your wedding dress, tuxedo, or suit. Your mind is at peace if you have ordered the attire. It may take several months to deliver the dress, especially if you purchase it from a famous designer.

· Sending out the save-the-dates

When everything is final, it is time to send out the save-the-dates. Your guests will have time to prepare their schedules and file their vacation leaves. They can start booking their plane tickets and hotel accommodation.

Prepping five months before the wedding

When the wedding is five months away, you will spend your time buying your wedding accessories, undergarments, shoes, high-heels, and jewelry. It is also the best time to choose your wedding party dress. You have different sets of friends who might throw a bridal shower, so you will have many party dress options.

· Book for more vendors

Booking continues as the wedding is five months away. It includes car rental, transportation, makeup artist, and hairstylist.

· Choose your wedding invites

You can customize your wedding invites or buy ready-made invitation cards in digital prints and embossed. The invites must follow your wedding color or theme.

Prepping four months before the wedding

You can start buying your wedding bands and wedding jewelry during this time. It is also the ideal time to plan the rehearsal dinner. Booking for your venue should start now as many couples might also be using the place for their wedding.

Prepping three months before the wedding

Three months before the wedding should be devoted to purchasing your wedding souvenirs and wedding favors. It is also the time to plan where to spend your honeymoon.

Schedule your hair and makeup trial during this period to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Set an appointment with other vendors, such as the caterer, and decide on the cake flavors and wedding reception menu.

Prepping two months before the wedding

Two months before your wedding is perfect for attending various shower parties and stag parties.

Get ready with your dress, and look sexy in your bridal shower photos. This time is ideal for meeting your musician or DJ and deciding on the playlist to play on your big day.

Since there is not much planning to do, you can start buying gifts and tokens for your guests, sponsors, and entourage. You can also write your customized thank you notes and send them out when the wedding gifts start arriving.

Prepping a month away before the wedding

It is the finalization phase of your wedding planning. Some couples get their marriage license during this period. But, it is safe to procure it after engagement. There might be some clerical errors in your birth certificate that needs corrections. It takes months to process the papers.

Prepping two weeks before the wedding

It is the perfect time to create a seating chart for your guests and make your wedding day timeline. It is vital to have a timeline to run the whole event smoothly and without hitches.

Prepping on the eve of your wedding

Relax with your fiancé one day before your wedding day. Take a beauty rest after attending the church and dinner rehearsals. Make sure that your professional wedding photographer in California is in attendance to take some photos of your last day as a single.

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