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How to Throw an Intimate Wedding the Easy Way

A grandiose wedding adorned with posh decorations and attended by more than a hundred guests is what most brides would want for their big day. It may seem a dream wedding for everyone, but there are many disadvantages of throwing a grand ceremony. This type of wedding costs a lot of money.

With such a large crowd, your guests cannot feel their connection to the couple. An intimate celebration can be personalized and easy to organize. Taking the photos by a professional photographer in California during an intimate wedding creates memories of the bond between the newlyweds and their guests.

What is an Intimate Wedding?

An intimate wedding should have a headcount of less than a hundred guests. The most intimate affair has 20 guests for both the ceremony and the wedding party. The maximum guests could be around 75 guests if you want to invite some friends and close relatives. You cannot call a wedding to be intimate if the guests are over 75.

If you want to push through an intimate wedding, here’s what you need to host a successful celebration.

Have a Wedding Destination

Hosting an intimate wedding means you have the financial capacity to choose a wedding destination. Choose a location that is away from home to add excitement to your big day. You don’t need to look for a place to have your honeymoon as you can spend it in your wedding destination. A wedding in a beachside, a private resort, a boutique resort, or a mountain resort are some locations that you can choose.

While the wedding is still months away, book an appointment with the resort for your wedding date. Since the location takes several miles away, it would be cumbersome to bring home bulky wedding souvenirs. You can offer your guests with loot bags or welcome bags loaded with face towels, toiletries, and things that they can use during their grand vacation.

Sending Out Stylish Invitations

By having an intimate wedding, you can go in style, especially when it comes to your wedding invites. You have the freedom to hire a professional digital artist to make the perfect wedding invites at a high price. Anyway, you have saved extra money after putting aside a grandiose wedding.

There are many designs that you can choose to turn your invites into a precious artwork that can be framed by your guests or as a token of your wedding. Make sure your wedding photographer in California takes a photo of your invites before you send them out to your guests.

Customize Your Wedding

It is pleasant to hear originally written wedding vows than copying from the internet. The wedding vows can be written in your own language and it comes from the heart. Your guests will gladly understand if there are flaws in your composition because the words spoken are sincere and genuine.

Aside from the vows, hire a professional wedding singer. Give the singer a playlist of songs that are significant in your relationship.

Add Personal Touch

What makes your wedding, intimate is by adding a personal touch to your décor. You can use an heirloom table cloth, dinner plates, and silverware to make the affair homey and special. A handwritten thank you note for the guests adds intimacy to the event. You can display the thank you card on their table or place it in the welcome bag.

Taking Part of the Menu Selection

The food is a very important part of the wedding reception. You have the means to choose the best cuisine, so pick the recipes that are mouthwatering. Spend time for the taste test to find out which food could be delightful to your guests’ taste buds.

Homemade dishes that are served during special occasions can be added to the menu, so that everyone feels satiated. Included in your menu are appetizers, entrée, beverages, and desserts. Don’t forget to serve food for people with dietary restrictions. Try serving halal foods for your Muslim guests.

Sit-Down Dinner

An intimate wedding does not require a large space; everyone can enjoy good food while sitting together. This allows your guests to chat and hobnob with their fellow guests while savoring those yummy dishes.

The best wedding photographer in California should take a photo of the newlyweds and their guests during table hopping. The intimate wedding is an occasion where everyone can pose together in a photo. Let someone pass the guest book to each table, so that the guests will sign their names on it and leave congratulatory messages to the newlyweds.

Have Some Fun

With a bigger budget left after deciding to throw an intimate celebration, you can spend a fortune for entertainment. Hire a jazz band and a lounge singer who can render romantic songs. This is an event that surely will be missed after the wedding!

The bride and groom may also showcase their talent during this special moment. A popular emcee and DJ in the area will take care of the entertainment. Offer your guests with the best shelf liquor and cocktail drinks to complete their meals.

Personalized Souvenirs

Your intimate wedding engraves a lasting memory for your guests if you surprise them with personalized giveaways. You can think of many souvenir ideas, knowing that you have the budget to hire an artist to engrave trinkets and items that reminds them of your wedding. Think of artisan things like soaps, chocolates, and many more.

Having a small wedding gives you a lot of ideas on what you want to do for your big day. Unlike big wedding events, an intimate wedding brings people closer together. Each guest enjoys the personalized perks and gifts that are accorded to them. What matters most in hosting an intimate celebration is the joy and fun it brings to your loved ones and friends.

A picture created by a professional wedding photographer engraves a lasting memory of your intimate wedding. Happy and wacky faces of your guests are proof of their gratitude for being part of your small, yet grandiose wedding day.

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