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How to Tell an Engaging Story in Your Wedding Videos

Short answer: yes, get a videographer.

The wedding is the most celebrated event in a person’s life as this happens once in a lifetime, except if you plan to divorce your spouse and remarry. There are many people involved in running the wedding preparations, such as event organizer, wedding coordinator, florist, stylist, designer, suppliers, and food catering services. The wedding videographer also plays a crucial role in capturing this momentous event. The lack of experience and creativity could bring disaster to your wedding memories. It is vital that every couple should prioritize on how their love story is told in a video by hiring someone who can tell an engaging story in your wedding.

An Eye for Detail

It cannot be denied that a wedding is not only a ceremony that binds together two people who love each other for good, but it creates memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Regardless of the couple’s sexuality, religious affiliation and racial background, a videographer should have the artistry and sensitivity to craft a good wedding videography. The wedding video should create a story that focuses on how the couple’s love story began and ends at the altar. A wedding videographer in California should produce an original video that separates from what he had previously produced.

Wedding Video Sequences

A wedding videography should epitomize the taste, likes, interests, and artistry of the marrying couple. The videographer should learn to immerse what the couple wants for their video. Prior to the wedding day, the videographer should personally feel what the clients want by discussing with them what to incorporate in their wedding video. This does not mean that the creativity of the videographer is taken for granted. During the meeting, the professional videographer in California should be able to discuss his insights on how he will capture the event and narrates the client’s love story. It is important that the videographer should know how to prepare the sequences of the wedding video. During the wedding, the videographer should bring a list of the wedding sequences to prevent missing every aspect of the event.

Take a peek at the sequences for the wedding video:

At the Hotel/Home:

· Make up and Dressing Up of the Bride and Groom

At the Wedding Venue:

· Processional march

· Welcome/opening remarks from the church minister/priest

· Wedding rites (wedding vows, exchange of wedding rings)

· Marriage contract signing

· Official marriage pronouncement by the officiating priest/minister

· First kiss as a married couple

· Closing remarks

· Recessional march

At the Wedding Reception:

· Welcome message

· Introduction of the wedding entourage

· Message from parents of the bride and groom

· Dinner party

· Slicing of the wedding cake

· Toast to the newlyweds

· First dance as a married couple

· Throwing of the bride’s bouquet

· Tossing of the groom’s blue garter

· Message of thanks from the newlyweds

· Closing remarks

Call a Professional Videographer in California

Like the wedding photographs, a wedding video, documents the newlywed’s wedding day that serves as a keepsake for the rest of their lives as a married couple. They can furnish a copy of the video using the latest video sharing apps and social media. But unlike the camera from your smartphone, the result of using a professional videographer in California is priceless. To capture this milestone in your life, it pays to entrust your wedding video from a reliable videography service that adds value to your money.

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