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Fourteen important events for Wedding Photos

Wedding photos summarize the happenings that took place during a wedding celebration. Every angle of the day’s event is captured by a professional wedding photographer in California. The professional has his clear vision of the important things to take during this momentous event in a couple’s life as newlyweds. A creative mind and a flair for beauty are two things that make the photos tell a story. This blog post will tell you the things that should be highlighted during a wedding celebration.

Wedding Bands

The wedding rings symbolize the perpetual love of the couple for each other. This is the most important thing that should not be missed out during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Invites

Don’t forget to take a shot on the wedding invites. Take a photo of the entire invitation card, and then shift your focus on the wedding vows, wedding entourage, date and place of the ceremony. Capture the invitation card in an artistic way.

Wedding Accessories

The accessories for the wedding day need to be captured in a photo as a reminder of how they look like as the years pass by. These accessories include veil, cord, candles, bouquets, bible, blue garter, and a lot more.

Wedding Preparation

It is nice to recall how the people involved in the wedding preparation share their time and effort making the affair successful. Wedding photos that capture a hotel room scene where the bride had her makeup and hair done is a must. Capture the bride’s before and after photo. Assign your team to take a photo of the groom changing his clothes in his room.

The Guests

Stolen shots and wacky photos of the guests should be included in your wedding photography subject. Pan your camera to where the guests are seated in the church and in the reception. Take a photo of the kids in their awkward poses and so with the elderly guests. Capture the emotions of the guests as they witness the couple’s exchange of I Do’s and their First Kiss.

The Wedding Portraits

The wedding album is complete if you take photos of all the participants in the wedding rites. To be included in your lists are photos of the newlyweds with their respective parents, siblings, and families. Take a photo with the wedding sponsors, maid of honor, bridesmaids and groomsmen, secondary sponsors, flower girls and ring bearer, friends and relatives.

The Wedding & Reception Venues

Take a photo of the decorations, floral arrangement, table setting, lightings, and surroundings of the venue. Before the dinner starts, you have already taken close up photos of the menus and drinks.

The Couple’s First Kiss

The first kiss should not be missed out when taking the wedding photos. It symbolizes the union of the newlyweds as they venture their married life. Some religious denominations may not include the first kiss in the ceremony. It is good to know beforehand how the ceremony is executed in a particular religion where the couple belongs to.

Emotion Before & After

A wedding professional team should be able to capture the emotions of the newlyweds, parents, friends, and families before and after the ceremony. Expect the mother of the bride to cry. Everything that evokes emotion should be captured in a cinematic way.

Processional & Recessional

The wedding could be a disaster if you forget to take snapshots of the bride walking down the aisle with her parents and so with the groom waiting at the altar. The wedding organizer should coordinate with the best wedding photographer in California, so that the entourage will take baby steps when walking down the aisle. Some wedding participants walk so fast that capturing their moment could be impossible.

The Pin Ups & Bridal Party

These two things are inseparable. The shots taken at the bridal party should capture the guests at their table and in a large photo shot.

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake brings life to the dinner reception. Take a close up photo of the wedding topper and the decoration, and the entire cake from different angles. A photo of the slicing of the cake is memorable.

First Dance as a Couple

Not all wedding ceremonies have the first dance. Don’t take chances to pass, by capturing the first dance of the couple to highlight their first steps that symbolize their union as a partner for life.

Wacky Photos

Those silly photos you see on social media provide fun for the wedding celebration. As you scan the pages of the wedding album, you can’t stop laughing at the funny expressions of your guests.

There are numerous things that you can add to the list above in taking important scenes for the wedding photos. The best thing that you can do is to list down what’s in your mind. Hiring a wedding photographer in California ensure that everything is captured in his lens like in the movies.

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