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Five tips for a dream wedding in California

Is it possible to infuse the charm of a Provencal wedding into your big day, even if you're saying 'I do' far from the picturesque landscapes of southern France? Absolutely! There are no boundaries when it comes to creating a romantic Provencal ambiance, and this article is your guide to orchestrating an unforgettable celebration, no matter where you are.

Unveiling the Provencal Magic

A Provencal wedding radiates with the tranquil vibes of rural life in Provence, South of France. Imagine a celebration where rustic simplicity meets refined elegance, reminiscent of 19th-century romanticism. The key? A palette of gentle pastels, fresh blooms, and a touch of aristocratic charm.

Provencal-Inspired Decor: Simple Yet Elegant

Bring the idyllic Provencal aesthetic to life with these enchanting decor ideas:

  • Embrace hand-carved or clay vases adorned with floral patterns.

  • Illuminate your venue with light wooden frames showcasing portraits by a California wedding photographer.

  • Infuse metal forged handmade accessories for an added touch of sophistication.

  • Decorate with wicker and wooden pots filled with fresh fruits and aromatic herbs.

  • Opt for a rich color palette featuring gentle pastels against a soft background of ivory, beige, white, or cream.

  • Enhance the ambiance with an unpolished wood arch, adorned with colorful flowers and beige linen curtains.

  • Complete the look with wine boxes, wicker boxes, or vintage metal cages filled with vibrant flowers.

Bridal Bouquet Extravaganza

The bride steals the show with a handmade bouquet bursting with seasonal flowers like cornflowers, spray roses, rosemary, and more. A splash of color that complements the Provencal spirit!

French Wedding Traditions Unveiled

While planning your Provencal celebration, keep in mind some unique aspects of French weddings:

  • Forget the bridal party; French weddings typically don't have attendants.

  • No rehearsal dinners, tiered wedding cakes, welcome dinners, or standard toasts.

  • Embrace the French tradition of a pastry puff with spun sugar instead of a traditional wedding cake.

Bringing Provence to California

Ready to bring Provence to California? Here's your roadmap:

  • Consider an intimate gathering or a grand affair with over 75 guests, adorned with myriad colorful flowers.

  • Create a physical or digital inspiration folder to refine your vision.

  • Scout for California venues with Provencal vibes, be it a vineyard, a French-inspired home, or hotels exuding that unmistakable charm.

  • Set a budget, saving on attendants' costs, and get quotes from vendors, including a professional California wedding photographer.

Making Memories That Last

Your Provencal-themed wedding is more than a celebration; it's a memory etched in time. Invest wisely, plan meticulously, and let the magic unfold. Your unique love story deserves nothing less than a Provencal-inspired masterpiece.

In conclusion, embrace the charm, savor the moments, and let a Provencal wedding style redefine your happily ever after. Seeking a quote from a California wedding photographer is the first step towards creating an unforgettable memory for you and your cherished guests. Cheers to your Provencal love story!

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