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Nine point checklist for the big day

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

There’s no stopping for the all the people involved in your wedding preparation. The excitement is felt all over as the wedding day is soon to unfold. Sleepless nights are spent on thinking to make this day perfect. But have you ever considered how your photos will be taken care of by a wedding photographer in California? Did you think a better way to come up with the perfect shots? A shot list is a must-have if you want to capture the sidelights and highlights of your special day.

Tips for the Bride & Groom

The couple should arrange several meetings with the photographer to review and finalize their wedding photo checklist. Inform your photographer to take classic images of the wedding participants. Each member of the wedding entourage should have their solo pictures during the processional march. Take a photo of the bridesmaids, secondary sponsors, and wedding sponsors with their partners. Do not forget to take a photo of the flower girls while spreading the petals on the floor.

Here is a fun-filled wedding photo shot ideas to include in your checklist:

The Wedding Portraits

Photos during Prepping

Capturing the couple in a stunning photo together a few hours before the marriage rites is a task that the photographer must do before anything else. Take a photo of the groom and bride separately in their rooms.

Tradition would tell you that it’s a bad omen to have their photos taken together. Let them pose while looking at a distance with a pensive look to add drama to their wedding album.

The Bride’s First Look

Capture the facial expression of the groom as he looks at her bride walking down the aisle. Let your photography team capture all angles of the bride and groom’s facial expression as their eyes meet at the altar. The first look of the bride is essential to emphasize the groom’s emotion. Taking a photo of the first look needs at least two photographers to take simultaneous photos from different angles.

Photo as a Married Couple

The photographer should be ready to take a photo of the bride and groom after the wedding rites. Take several shots of them together while sitting and standing in front of the altar, and during the recessional march.

The Wedding Paraphernalia

Iconic photos of the wedding paraphernalia leave lasting images of the fashion and style during the day you were wed. Among the things that should be included in the photo checklist are veil, chord, wedding ring, bible, bouquet, leis, earrings, shoes, high heels, stockings, and gown, and suit details.

Other classic details that should be captured in the wedding photos are table cards, wedding invitations, fan, hair comb, and hankie used by the bride, and blue garter. Remind the professional photographer in California to take a close up photos of each item.

The Wedding Venue

Remind the photographer to highlight the wedding venue by capturing the place from all angles. The photography team should be quick to take a photo before the people start coming in. The venue is a reflection of the couple’s artistic and personal taste.

Emphasize the scale, width, and height of the venue. If the venue is a mountain resort, take a photo with the mountain as a backdrop. Capture the setting sun if the wedding is held in the afternoon. Fun photos of the idyllic surroundings and nature provide backdrop for the venue photos.

Include the negative space in your photos for added flair. Artistic shots of the lighthouse, arches, foliage, ruins, and other structures surrounding the venue add magic to the wedding photos.

The Party

Taking photo shots of the wedding party highlights the merrymaking and fun moments as everyone celebrates the union of two people in love. The photographer should have a list of the wedding program, which begins with the couple walking down to the venue.

Ask the wedding coordinator for a copy of the program as a guide for the photo shoots. Capture the reception speeches from the newlyweds and their loved ones. This is the moment where the images of the attendees crying moments are captured. The key here is to get ready to capture the emotions from the attendees.

Time lapse photos are trendy. This allows the photographer to texturize the wedding photos. Take a glimpse of the party, after-dinner dancing, merrymaking, conversations, and table hopping that takes place during the wedding reception. Unique images like motion blur are a suggestion for the wedding photos.

The Wedding Photo Booth

There are numerous wedding photo ideas that the couple may suggest to their photographer. Photo booths are set up as photo props. Ask your florist to decorate the photo booths according to your wedding theme and color.

Each attendee may ask the photographer to take a photo shoot of them. You can inquire if this is included in the photo package.

Candid Photos

A close coordination with a wedding photographer is crucial in capturing candid moments before, during, and after the wedding. There is a wide range of photo ops for the newlyweds that can be captured as a happy couple and happy family.

Take some shots of the couple’s photos in candid moments with their parents, siblings, friends, and guests. The photographer will never run out of ideas as to when and where to capture those candid moments during the entire celebration.

Pictures of children in their awkward poses, grandparents dancing the boogie are moments that should be included in the candid photo shots.

Working closely with the best wedding photographer in California weeks or months before the wedding is vital in achieving the perfect photo shots. A checklist of the fun wedding photos will guide the professional to handle all aspects and components of the wedding celebration.

The photographer should be well-versed and familiar with taking a variety of candid shots. The team must get ready for any unguarded moments during the event. These photos speak the actual happening and complete the puzzle in the wedding album. It is a special day that brings families and people together that has to be captured for posterity sake.

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