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Seven Great Tips for Awesome Couples Portraits

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Newlyweds who are in the thick preparation of their upcoming marriage rites should get ready when it comes to their wedding poses. Wedding photos are prints of your love story that you will treasure years after. The way you pose in front of your photographer may make or break your wedding photos.

Aside from thinking your other concerns of the big day, you have to start practicing how to act in every shot. Think about how celebrities pose in front of the camera. With the proper mindset on how to achieve the picture-perfect look on your bridal portraits and wedding photos can make a big difference.

Don’t Feel Awkward

Forget about your shyness and awkward feeling when posing for your bridal pictorial. If you are a camera shy, then it is time to come out from your shell. Your professional wedding photographer in California will guide you on how to execute the gorgeous poses. Take this as your last shot as you bid goodbye to singlehood.

The photography expert is equipped with the most-advanced photo editing techniques. Let the photographer encapsulate all your studio poses and candid images using his editing skills. Every shot comes natural and cinematic. The photographer does not only take the images, but he is also your art director and editor.

Show the Best Wedding Poses in a Natural Way

Unlike taking your selfie, posing for your wedding photos is a different challenge. Here, you will act in front of strangers. Photographers will notice your inhibitions towards wedding photo shoots.

Like their previous clients, they know that you also need their help when it comes to your wedding photo sessions. The first thing they will ask the couple is to smile, move, and act naturally. This gives time for the couple to make some adjustments before the camera is clicked. The candid photos will come out in a natural way.

The secret here is to act and do something as if you are not facing the camera and wait when the photographer tells you to stop. Forcing your acting and movement is a time-waster.

Arm placement should be in a relaxing and elongated position. The arms and hands are relaxed when the bride holds her bouquet. Group photos also follow this rule. The arms should be in a low position and avoid placing them above the waist.

Dos and Don’ts in Wedding Poses

Wedding pose mistakes are inevitable, especially when the newlyweds act in an awkward manner. They wear fake smiles that become frozen while waiting for the photographer to click the camera. Their lips, neck and arms become stiff. This is understandable as the couples are not used to act in front of their videographers and photographers. Here are some points to ponder when facing the camera.

Take a small pace at a time

Have you noticed that some members of the wedding entourage have no photos while walking down the aisle? Blame it on the participants who walk so fast. Flower girls and ring bearers are nowhere to be found as they run towards the altar. The couple should take small strides while going to the altar and after the wedding rites.

Kissing with closed eyes

Is it not ugly to look at couples kissing with wide-opened eyes? The professional photographer has to remind the couple to kiss naturally as if there are no people watching them. Keeping the eyes closed while kissing looks cinematic.

Keep the neck relaxed

A clean shot of the couple kissing naturally looks good in the picture. The couple should relax their head and neck when kissing. Turn the head to avoid pressing each other’s nose.

Act from your heart

Overdoing your smile and acting make the poses look artificial. Although practice makes perfect, the couple should avoid taking their practice seriously. If you overdo your practice, you become more conscious of yourself, which looks bad in photos.

Speak your mind

The newlyweds should tell their photographer what they think and feel before taking the photos. The wedding photographer in California may make some adjustment to the position of the bride if she is taller than the groom, so that she will not overshadow the latter.

Recommended Wedding Poses

The Bride & Her Wedding Dress

Taking a photo of the bride admiring her dress before donning is an essential part of the wedding photography. The bride should feel happy as she looks at her dress.

Wedding First Look

This is the moment where the couple should not feel the presence of their photographer. They have to act happy and unbothered by the people around them to enjoy this moment as newlyweds.

Bride’s Twirl

The bride in her lovely dress while twirling brings out her innocence. When twirling, the bride should not force herself to act like a real ballerina. Her movement comes naturally as if she is like a child who is elated on how she looks.

Fixing the Bow Tie and Suit

There are many ways in which the groom is highlighted in the photo. He should feel relaxed and smiling as he laces his shoes, fastens the wristwatch, cuffs, tying his bow tie, and buttoning his suit.

Candid Smile & Laughter

Nothing can beat the beauty of the bride when she smiles, laughs, and giggles on camera. These shots are best taken while donning her dress, table hopping, dancing, cake slicing, and during the processional march.

Kissing on the Forehead

Wedding portraits and engagement photos would be complete if the groom gives a smack kiss on the bride’s forehead. It should be executed in a slow fashion while the groom shows admiration for his bride.

The Veil

Taking a photo of the bride with her windblown veil adds artistic value to the wedding images. The bride takes a few poses with her veil blown while the groom kisses her. The couple should pretend they are actors in a romantic movie.


The couple is captured while strolling along the walkway, street, field, or beach is another recommended pose that adds cinematic value to their wedding photos.

Slicing of the Cake

The photographer takes all angles of the wedding cake slicing. The couple can have their wacky, candid or posed photos. It is hilarious to see their faces smudged with the frosting.

There are a many ways to capture the best moment for the newlyweds. The key is to find the best wedding photographer in California, whose expertise in capturing the best poses is known for. Set an appointment to schedule a dry run for your wedding photo shoots.

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