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Creative Sendoff Ideas for Your Wedding 

A wedding sendoff usually takes place after the wedding ceremony. It is a tradition that is still alive these days. Guests await the newlyweds at the façade of the church to greet them. They showed the couple bubbles, confetti, birdseed, flags, balloons, etc. 

What is a Wedding Sendoff?

A sendoff is part of the wedding recessional where the entourage exits the church or garden ceremony. In some parts of Asia, guests and relatives shower the couple with seeds, rice, and coins to symbolize prosperity and abundance. 

But today, sendoff has evolved, and it uses a variety of things like floating lanterns, sparklers, wands, etc.; the exit usually takes place after the wedding party. Planning the sendoff ideas is crucial to avoid lapses, especially when the venue prohibits the use of sparklers or fireworks displays.  

Browse our sendoff ideas for your wedding day! The sendoff should be executed appropriately with collaboration from a professional wedding photographer in California. Whether you are using balloons or paper airplanes, the photographer should capture it even using the ambient light from the venue.

1. Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands or streamers are fun and non-messy compared to bubbles. They highlight your wedding exit as you and your spouse head off to your car. Ribbon wands are not just for sending offs but make lovely wedding favors for your guests. Today, customizable ribbon wands come in various lengths, sizes, and colors. Ribbon wands come in raffia, multicolor, lace, and satin, vintage white or floral. 

2. Lavender 

Lavender sendoffs offer calming scents from the lavender blooms. Give each guest one-half cup of lavender or hand it out after the ceremony. The sweet aroma emanates throughout the wedding venue after being blown away. Lavender alternatives are dried flowers or herbs if you hate the scent. According to tradition, lavender brings good luck. It symbolizes devotion and love.  

3. Confetti

Traditional confetti is no longer allowed in wedding venues and churches because they are not easy to clean up. They only enable biodegradable confetti-like natural petals, dried floral lookalikes, and snowflakes that are friendly to the environment. If you prefer confetti for the sendoff ceremony, ensure that the material is 100 percent eco-friendly and biodegradable.

4. Fall Leaves

Tossing fall leaves for your wedding in the fall is inexpensive. 

Assign someone to collect the dry fall leaves and place them in handcrafted baskets. Let your guest throw the dry leaves when you and your spouse exit the ceremony.

5. Flower Petals

Flower petals are a classic way to use as sendoff props. Remind everyone in the ceremony place to blow the petals like they are blowing confetti to look more dramatic. Use aromatic flowers like rose, orchids, snapdragons, and lavenders to toss.

6. Bubbles

Bubbles are less expensive, safe to use, and no mess. You can use lots of colorful and glimmering bubbles. There are a variety of wedding bubble wand tubes or light-up LED bubble guns that you can purchase online and at discount stores. 

Pre-assembled bubble wands are cost-saving if you buy them in bulk. They are handmade with monograms of your names and wedding date. You can also remind the guests to use the bubble guns right after the ceremony. 

Customized bubble wands include cardstock, wedding tag, ribbon, and flower color. 


1.    Display the bubble so guests can see the wands and take them as soon as they enter the church or ceremony venue.

2.    Place the bubble wands in handcrafted baskets.

3.    Remind the best wedding photographer in California to capture the bubble exit. If your wedding is at night, use glow-in-the-dark bubble wands.

A bubble juice in a portable automatic bubble machine makes this work less cumbersome. Line up the guests while blowing the bubbles during your exit. 

7. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are fun and bring life to your sendoff, especially if your ceremony is at night. Customizable glow sticks come in various shades. Look for long glow sticks so your photographer can capture your guests waving them around. 

8. Floating Lanterns

Floating lanterns add magic and romance to your sendoff. However, some venues prohibit floating lanterns because of environmental and fire concerns. Before purchasing the lanterns, inquire if they allow you to use them as your sendoff props. A rehearsal for the ceremony is a must if you want to avoid mishaps during the sendoff. It needs practice on how to set up and light the lanterns.  

9. Paper Airplanes

Flying paper airplanes is not for kids only. You can use colorful paper planes as props for your wedding sendoff ceremony. They are easy to clean up after the ceremony. Shop the paper planes online instead of handcrafting them. 

10. Pompoms

Pompoms are colorful props for wedding sendoffs. They are eco-friendly and easy to use. Guests wave them around while you exit the ceremony venue. After the event, the pompoms are easy to collect and throw. They come in various colors and designs. You can opt for mini pompoms and choose the color that suits your wedding motif. 

11. Napkins 

Handkerchiefs and napkins with your monograms make a lovely sendoff prop. Instruct your guests to wave them while exiting the venue. Your guests can take them as souvenirs of your wedding as they are reusable. You can order them by dozens. 

12. Feathers 

Nothing can beat the feathers if you are looking for sendoff ideas for your wedding—no need to set it up. Your guests will wave them around while you are heading on your honeymoon. Feathers are easy to sweep off on hardwood and vinyl floors. However, it can cause an allergy to sensitive skin.

13. Bells

Bells ringing are perfect as a sendoff idea if you wed in winter. Decorate the bells with satin ribbons with monograms on them. Guests will find them attractive not for sendoff props but as wedding favors. Although a bit expensive, it can last for years.  

14. Rice

Rice is a popular item for sendoffs. They come in attractive little bags of various colors. You can scoop a handful of rice from your pantry, but it could be messy. Why not order them online? 


Wedding sendoff ideas are endless. The images captured by your wedding photographer in California are priceless. If you decide what to use for your sendoff ceremony, ensure that the venue coordinator allows it. If it prohibits you from using them, look for some ideas that are easy to use and easy to clean up.


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