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Five Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Searching for the best photographer for your upcoming wedding can be taxing and time consuming. You have done your research, but you are still confused where to find the perfect wedding photographer in California. The wedding plan has been set except for the person who will capture the event.

A single mistake in choosing the wrong person could ruin the memories of your altar date. We have come up with a long list of questions that you must ask your photographer to ensure that not a single moment of your special day is amiss.

Introductory Stage

After visiting the websites of renowned wedding photographers in your location, you are now set to make the selection process. The first thing that you do is to visit the studio and introduce yourself. Once you have gained rapport with the photographer, you may now throw your questions. The questions that you will be asking depend entirely on your dream photography.

Some photo studios can provide you the necessary information based on reviews from satisfied customers, or through referrals from friends. Whether the photographer works at a boutique photo studio or a large photo studio, asking questions will find a solution to your photography woes.

Here are some FAQs:

· How many years have you been in the photography business?

· What is your photography background?

· Did you take up a photography course or crash course?

· What school did you attend?

· Why focus on photography?

· Are you passionate about photography?

· Is photography your hobby?

· Are you experienced in handling intimate and grand weddings?

· What is your photography style?

· How much is the average number of wedding clients do you have per month?

Engagement Stage

By asking the professional wedding photographer in California about some personal questions, you are able to gain insights if he is the right person that you are looking for. The sensitive questions will clear any doubt regarding the photographer’s capacity to handle your wedding photography.

Here is the list of questions:

· What kind of photography equipment do you have?

· Are you experienced taking photos for engagement, bridal portraits, and weddings?

· How many personnel do you have?

· Do you have backup photography equipment as spare when equipment bogs down during the wedding?

· What do you and your team wears on my wedding day?

· How much do you charge for the wedding and reception?

· How much do you charge for extra hours?

Editing & Printing Stages

The newlyweds should be aware about the different stages that the images will undergo before the final print is delivered to your doorstep. The photos taken on your wedding are so special if you see the final print. Compared to digital photos, these photos can be kept in a wedding album and displayed in large frames in your home. Before you hire the photographer, you are aware of their wedding package. Here are some questions to ask:

· Are you going to edit the photos?

· When can I see the photo layouts for printing?

· How many copies will you make for each pose?

· What are the sizes of the images?

· Can you provide large photos for framing?

· Are you offering printed photos?

· How many days will you deliver the finished products?

The Booking Stage

After spending hours of interrogation with your prospective wedding photographer, it is time to book for an appointment. The most important part of this stage is to sign a contract. If he cannot provide the contract, you have to find another professional. Let someone sign as a witness for the contract if possible. However, if no one could stand as a witness, you may proceed with the signing. Read everything that is stipulated in the contract.

Here are some questions:

· Can you provide a contract before I hire you?

· What is your mode of payment?

· Do you accept credit card payment?

· How much is the initial deposit for our wedding date security?

· What is the cost of the cancellation or refund policy?

· Are your services covered by liability insurance?

· Do you offer satisfaction guarantee?

Talking to the photographer in person is better than talking over the phone or through a bot chat messenger. This is to ensure that both sides have understood each other and see if your minds meet. If you feel discomfort talking to the person, then it could be a sign that he is not a perfect match for your wedding photographer search.

If you have doubts regarding the best wedding photographer in California, it is time to schedule a meeting several months prior to your wedding date. A perfect photographer has spent years in the business, and they are passionate about their craft before anything else. They capture the wedding event as it begins to unfold and choose the finest images to develop into prints.

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