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Capturing Life's Precious Moments
Traditional, Timeless, and Memorable Wedding photography and videography
in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central  Coast and Central Valley


At Jose Nicdao LLC Photography and Videography, we craft epic love stories, not just wedding photos.

We're memory weavers, capturing authentic moments for a cinematic masterpiece that narrates your unique journey.

Beyond photography, we create a legacy, immortalizing your family's history. Cherished for generations, these memories strengthen bonds.

Don't just immortalize; make it legendary. Contact us now to create a masterpiece for generations to come.

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Capturing Timeless Wedding Stories in the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Coast/Valley


I'm Jose Nicdao, a passionate wedding photographer and videographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My journey began over two decades ago, fueled by the magic of my sister's wedding. Since then, I've dedicated myself to capturing the emotions, connections, and unique beauty of every couple's special day.


With an extensive background working alongside top-rated national companies (George St, By Design Films, Lily & Lime, Toast Weddings, Blue Belle, Kapturly, Eivan's, and many more), I've honed my skills and gained invaluable experience in various wedding styles. My fluency in Tagalog, Mandarin Chinese, and a touch of Spanish allows me to connect with diverse couples on a deeper level.


My love affair with photography started at 16, developing film on my dad's classic Nikon F (a cherished piece to this day). This passion has evolved into Jose Nicdao LLC, where I combine classic storytelling with a modern touch, ensuring every click becomes a timeless memory.


Beyond weddings, you might find me experimenting with new recipes, engrossed in a captivating documentary, or conquering the tennis court. As a father to three adventurous daughters, I also cherish exploring local trails and unwinding with my cello.


I'm passionate about collaborating with couples to create a customized wedding photography and videography package that perfectly reflects their love story. Let's connect and discuss how I can bring your dream wedding to life!

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Reminisce the genuine and magical moments

of your wedding day

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